Adding param to excel urls

VB script and IE11. Today I implemented some params in all our excel export scrips. &target=ie10 this param will trigger that the page will be runned in IE8 compatibility mode. This is the only way to support VB script in IE11. I really took loooong time to implement has to do a lot of testing.

Media query

Next thing to do was to implement support for media queries in IE7 and IE8. First candidate was respond.js. However it only handles horisontal area and not heights that we need. So I had to change to css-mediaqueries.js. This actually works however I was testing a wrong location (stupid me – too much directories opened at once). I was not happy with the implementation at all. And I have to come back to this task – additional test are required – also have to make sure it support https. Somebody has reported an issue about it.

InnoDB issue

Noticed a possible issue with the change to InnoDB engine. Couldn’t reach our admin page. This I will investigate next week.


Awaking my old blog

To start blogging about my work. I have fired up an hosted wordpress account. I will use it to log how I work. And what goes on in my mind from day to day. I am writing mostly for myself in this blog. But you are welcome to read and learn – or maybe comment on what I am writing about. I hope I will keep on writing on every day basis (Monday to friday).